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quay australia sunglasses & where ive been

Published on November 26, 2015

Sunglasses: Quay. Crop: Asos. Shorts: Who I Am. Shoes: Kmart.

Sorry for the nearly four months hiatus.

To be honest I have had incredibly low self-esteem lately and that has completely put me off taking new pictures for my blog. After the initial delight of dying my hair bright red wore off, I hated it, with a passion. I have wanted to grow my hair for so long and it never gets past that weird bob stage. So I let myself get a makeover, I had a full head of tape in hair extensions done along with a new colour, I had my makeup done and bought new clothes. This gave me a massive confidence boost.

I have been doing things while I have been away. I went to Victoria for a week and had a little solo-shopping trip to Melbourne city afterwards but being in the middle of that rut I took no pictures. I climbed Mt Warning at three in the morning to watch the sunrise with some friends. I finally got my motorcycle license and am currently looking at buying a Kawasaki Ninja!

Also, I booked tickets for my bestfriend and I to go to Japan in April next year and I am flying out of Japan straight into a solo trip through Europe!

Anyway along with my new hair my style took a complete U-turn. I was starting to lean towards tight, chic and monochrome looks to go with my bright red bob. But now with long flowing brown curly hair I am definitely feeling the bohemian trend for this summer in Australia. Neutral tones, faux suede, crochet and festival inspired looks. I think these shorts are totally adorable with the little cut outs along the scalloped edges and soft faux suede material.

Quay Australia sunglasses have completely taken off finding them in many boutiques around the Gold Coast and on ASOS! They have a wide range of unique style and are 100% UV protective and surprisingly affordable. I have never felt I could put off a cat eye style but I found these actually suited me, so I bought another pair in black.

I hope I can keep up blogging this time. If you’re still reading or a new reader leave your blog in the comment section so I can check it out!

asos patchwork suede button through skirt

Published on August 4, 2015

Sunglasses: Rubi. Top: Supré. Skirt: ASOS. Watch: The Horse. Shoes: Bali.

I spotted this skirt on one of my many long window-shopping sessions on ASOS and for months it was in my saved items, waiting to be purchased when I could justify it. After seeing it on Le Happy’s blog and commenting how I loved it, followed by my boyfriend’s encouragement, I bought it! It was a little out of my price range but after it arrived with each button lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and feeling the quality, I knew it was worth it.

Boohoo Kim Kardashian inspired coordinate

Published on June 12, 2015

Top: Boohoo. Skirt: Boohoo. Sunglasses: Rubi. Shoes: Kmart.

So, I recently made my first purchase off BOOHOO and by that I mean I went insane and bought around twenty items of clothing, this outfit being two of those twenty. When I bought it I was thinking cute slightly classy dinner dates and when it arrived I thought ‘I am going to wear this to everything’ and thus far have worn it to a breakfast date, dinner date and out clubbing. It’s flattering bodycon fit but with nice details like the ruched sides of the skirt and the little turtleneck of the top. It’s warm enough for our Australian Gold Coast winter but is still a thin, comfortable material.

her pony celestial sun coordinate

Published on May 22, 2015

Top: Her Pony. Skirt: Her Pony. Shorts: Her Pony. Socks: Boohoo. Shoes: Converse. Sandals: Bali.

I have been meaning to photograph these pieces forever. I have worn these shorts at least twice a week for the last few months and coming into the colder climate I switched to the longer skirt (pictured below); they're both the perfect flattering high rise. The whole set is hand tie-dyed and stamped with a celestial sun print and as they're all handmade no two are the same. They're all made out of 90% cotton and 10% spandex so they're thick, comfortable and stretchy. These are definitely my favourite wardrobe pieces!