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top 10 summer essentials with asos

Published on November 25, 2014

ASOS is my number one online shopping website without a doubt. Since I started shopping on ASOS over two years ago there has not been one time that I have opened my laptop without having a quick browse through their new items and sales, I even have ASOS Premier for free express shipping and early access to sales. What can I say? I am addicted. I have not found an online store with a bigger selection or easier way to browse by price, size, category and everything in between. Thus, I always have a huge ‘saved items’ list and I am going to share a few of my summer picks with you!

ASOS are currently having a 20% off everything sale with the code FRIDAY2014

1. Bikinis (duh).

After buying a few pairs of ASOS bikinis last year it has become my go to swimwear shop and I have definitely already purchased both bikinis online shown below, I cannot wait to show you! It has such a wide range of style you just don’t see in stores here like City Beach and Billabong.
(Left - Right)

2. One Piece.

I have never been a big fan of one piece swimmers until this season’s mesh panel trend makes these way cuter and super stylish. I cannot wait to get my hands on both of these!

(Left - Right)

3. Beach Dresses.

I have always loved a good cover up dress and I have already bought the black one below. They are light and floaty so they don’t get stuck to your wet swimmers or make you hot and the see through gives a great effect still showing off your lovely curves without walking around half naked!

(Left - Right)

4. Co-Ords.

Co-Ordinates are a new love of mine and something I never knew I needed, I did already buy the bat one below but with a hasma handprint. All I can say about these are they’re in and you need at least one.

(Left - Right)

5. Crop Tops.

As you can tell from the last few posts of mine I am definitely obsessed with crop tops this summer. They make a cute little fashion statement, can be mixed and matched with almost anything and keep you a little bit cooler.

(Left - Right)

6. High Waisted Skirts.

I am all about high waisted skirts this year. I absolutely adore that skater skirt flare and they’re super easy to style and hide all the bits I don’t like whilst still showing off my favourite feature, my waist.

(Left - Right)

7. High Waisted Shorts.

This one is obvious, high waisted shorts are perfection. They’re great for hiding that after lunch tummy bump and still showing off you figure. No need to worry about wind and can be styled with any top and totally show off ‘dat booty’.

(Left - Right)

8. Dresses.

Dresses were my go to item for so long, nothing easier then throwing on one piece of clothing and perfect to either dress up or down. I really like light colour, light weight pieces for summer that don’t require a sticky bra and maybe a bold print.

(Left - Right)

9. Fake Tan.

I am in no way a beauty product person but this year I am into fake tan be is gradual or mousse, they have come along way since the days where it was impossible to avoid the orange glow of a fake tan and St Tropez is one of the best brands you can get.

(Left - Right)

10. Accessories.

And both of these are a total must have for those beautiful days laying on the beach reading, sun baking and the occasional splash. I did not leave the house without my floppy hat last year and I feel this year won’t be any different.

(Left - Right)


Published on November 14, 2014

Where: BSKT Café. What I ate: Super Berry Cacao Pancakes.

One of my absolute favourite things to do on a rare morning off work is to try a new café with the boyfriend for breakfast and there is no shortage of cute places to eat on the Gold Coast. We made the extra effort to drive a little further up the coast as I needed to try the BSKT Café that has been flooding my Instagram for the last few months.

sheinside parental advisory

Published on November 3, 2014

Top: Sheinside*. Pants: Cotton On. Skirt: Sheinside. Shoes: Pied A Terre. Sunglasses: Rubi.

I think if you read blogs you have probably heard of Sheinside, it is an affordable clothing website with on trend pieces and a great connection with bloggers. I have been buying bits and pieces off their website for years and its excellent for online window shopping too!