high waist and crop sweater + new blog design

Sunglasses: Rubi. Sweater: I'm Just A Girl. Skirt: Universal Store. Shoes: Sportsgirl

The fluffy sweater trend has absolutely exploded in Australia this winter and I definitely had to have a cropped version in my wardrobe. A little boutique in town started stocking them and eventually had this one, my boyfriend bought it for me after I had told him I have been searching for them. I think it pairs perfectly with this cute check, high waisted skirt and reminds me of an outfit from Clueless. I paired it with some thick-soled sneakers for a little quirky touch. 

My next post will be an international giveaway for a black Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera for all of my followers, so follow and watch this space!

My blog re-design has finally happened although I think it needs some finishing touches and a little TLC I am happy it is finally done.

paper heart floral bow dress

Dress: Paper Heart. Sunglasses: Rubi. Shoes: Kmart.

The first time I tried this dress on I was instantly in love. It is a kind of silky material with floral print, fitted under bust and flared skirt, backless with cute bow detail and a tulle skirt underlay. Unfortunately, it is too short for my tall self and as my boyfriend and I are planning our first trip overseas I sold it on EBay.

These pictures are a few months old now and I feel like my style has changed significantly since then but winter and work has really been getting me down lately so I haven’t taken any new photos or bought many new clothes. I want to concentrate more on experiences (like skydiving) than material things however saving seems impossible like there is always something that needs to be paid for. While I want to travel more than anything I do not have the money for it (update: we've booked a holiday to Bali in September, wooh!) so hopefully I can start showing you the magic of my local area, that is when I get a day off work, which I haven't for over a month now.

Also, my blog will soon be going through a massive makeover and to celebrate I will be doing an international giveaway for a black Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera for all of my followers, so watch this space!

my skydiving expirience

I am completely terrified of heights and planes and to celebrate my boyfriend’s twenty-first birthday we decided to take him Skydiving. Originally we planned for just him and his brother to go. However, the fear of missing out on an incredible life experience and the quote “You won't regret the things you did but the things you didn't do when you had the chance” made me really think about and eventually decide to go.

It was a little cloudy on the day and after being strapped up and given a rundown on what happens we scooched into the tiny plane that would take us up to the jumping altitude of 14,000ft (4,267m) where it was 0°C. By this time I was absolutely terrified but we slide up to the door and were out so fast I barely had time to think about not wanting to go. The feeling was indescribable; it wasn't like falling at all. We had 60 seconds of freefall before the parachute was pulled. As we floated down to the ground my instructor pointed out landmarks on the earth below and let me steer by pulling the handles on the parachute before coming in to a weirdly soft landing on the grass.

Overall I am extremely happy and proud that I went and I would actually go again. I hope you enjoy the video and embarrassing pictures below, also here is my boyfriend's video if you're interested, I like his video much more then my own. Fun fact: I was born in the town we jumped above!

And Thank you Byron Bay Skydive!