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my cheek piercings

Published on January 4, 2012

This was my favourite photo of me/my piercings. (cheek piercings, piercing, tongue, chest). December 2009. This is an old post from my old blog but I wanted here on my new blog. Here is my story.

I got my cheeks pierced in August 2009. The piercer made a mistake and put in short metal bars and they grew into my cheek making them incredibly painful, swollen and infected. I had to get the right cheek numbed and the bar had to be pushed out of my cheek, it was painful. A week later I got that cheek re-pierced just under where it was originally pierced, but this time done by my regular piercer.

I loved my cheek piercings they gave me dimples, which I still have even though I took the piercings out in June 2010. But I also have big scars on my cheeks. I had my cheek piercings in for about 10 months.
I took them out because towards the end one was extremely infected and the infection actually spread and caused sores on my face. They were both creating a lot of scar tissue and they weird bumps underneath the piercing, it looked terrible. I cried when I took them out because the were my favourite piercing but if I kept them in I would have bigger scars then I do now.

Tattoo shops have actually asked me about my cheek piercings and said they stopped doing cheek piercings because they never heal. I am in a local tattoo shops piercing look book because of my cheeks (before they got infected). Feel free to comment below if you want to know anything, I reply.

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3 Comments so far

  1. Did you have cheek Microdermals or were they pierced all the way through? I have cheek dermals and they go through weird bouts of infected and then they're fine. Although the piercing has rejected a couple of times on my right side?

    1. I had them pierced all the way through. My piercings used to get infected and then heal again every few weeks.